Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Day 70 and she's not giving up yet!

Well the news from Loch Frisa is that Skye the male has virtually given up nest duties leaving Frisa to continue sitting - now 70 days which is officially a new record.  Heartbreaking to see her - all the effort that goes into the breeding process for this huge bird and sadly, this year, nowt to show for it. 

Today I went out on a boat trip with Mull Charters - out of Ulva Ferry into Loch Na Keal - puffins, guillemots, black throated divers, GN divers, razorbills, seals and of course what came to check us out, but the male from the territory on Loch Na Keal.  The weather was overcast but we had a fantastic time and I would recommend the trip to anyone! 

This weekend, we are getting the caravan out of mothballs and heading off somewhere - not sure yet!  Our guests at the holiday cottage are in for a fortnight so bit of a treat we get changeover Saturday off!