Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tree Creeper

Tree Creeper
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Things pretty hectic at the moment - Operation Easter is in full swing - this is where our most visible and vulnerable sea eagle nests are watched 24/7 and in between running trips to the hide too.
Great excitment on Sunday, a goshawk was displaying over the forestry at Loch Frisa. There have been regular reports of goshawk on Mull but sadly not photographic evidence to back it up. Luckily I was with a guy who is used to watching them so between us no doubt! a first for me. Our resident eagles, Skye and Frisa are now well into their routine of incubating their precious eggs. Today it rained pretty well most of the day - Frisa did not move off that nest and Skye just sat nearby looking miserable in the rain.
The Island is noticeable busier as we gear up towards Easter - lets hope we get some decent weather for our visitors.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Torvill and Dean on Mull

Well we are still enjoying our great weather on Mull.  This is a fairly busy time as our eagles are getting ready to lay and should be well in the throes of nest building or adding to ones used in previous years.  Just walking along the beach, there is a distinct change in the behaviour of the birds - they are pairing up, their song has altered and some stunning displays are going on.  This afternoon I watched oystercatchers displaying and a male chasing off someone trying to steal his woman!  Down at Loch Frisa, our eagles have been keeping us guessing - this is getting to be bit of habit! Earlier this week, I watched both of them standing on the frozen loch and then proceed to mate!  You would have thought they would have been slipping and sliding but oh no - looked like old hands.

I manage to catch the pair of dippers which are a lovely sight.

As I was walking up and down trying to spot them, I found this guy hiding!

Here is a shot of our eagles stood on the ice

Skye - male on frozen Loch Frisa

In this picture, Frisa the female is on the left and Skye the male on the right - like lots of bird of prey the female is larger than the male and you can see clearly the difference here.

Well, Holly our springer spaniel has managed to last the week without tearing out her stitches - they come out on Saturday and we have managed to survive without the dreaded lampshade round her head.  She is desparate for a good run - the vet said keep her calm - thats like saying to me dont eat chocolate!!