Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tree Creeper

Tree Creeper
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Things pretty hectic at the moment - Operation Easter is in full swing - this is where our most visible and vulnerable sea eagle nests are watched 24/7 and in between running trips to the hide too.
Great excitment on Sunday, a goshawk was displaying over the forestry at Loch Frisa. There have been regular reports of goshawk on Mull but sadly not photographic evidence to back it up. Luckily I was with a guy who is used to watching them so between us no doubt! a first for me. Our resident eagles, Skye and Frisa are now well into their routine of incubating their precious eggs. Today it rained pretty well most of the day - Frisa did not move off that nest and Skye just sat nearby looking miserable in the rain.
The Island is noticeable busier as we gear up towards Easter - lets hope we get some decent weather for our visitors.

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