Monday, 12 April 2010

Get off - its mine!

Get off - its mine!
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Well the eagles have some competition at Loch Frisa in the form of the siskins. They are regulars on our feeders but the antics keep the visitors entertained - they are really feisty wee birds. A goldfinch came and had a look at the feeder but they saw him off with a flea in his ear. The weather has been absolutely glorious for the last few days - really warm and beautiful blue skies. All of a sudden there are lots of butterflies about, peacocks and small tortoiseshells - willow warblers are back, singing their hearts out and the sand martins are back relining their burrows. Wont be long before we have some news of hatchings of the eagle variety. The Island is busy now with visitors enjoying the fine weather and all the wildlife we have to offer.

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