Wednesday, 7 January 2009

First posting!

Well having blogged on BBC Island Blogging since we moved to Mull in the Spring of 2007, the BBC are closing that site which is a shame. It covered all the Scottish Islands and there was a great cameraderie amongst bloggers. So have now had to start again. Just done the basics of set up and not sure what's what but I'm sure all will become evident.

My husband, 8yr old daughter, Jess the springer and pepper the cat and not forgetting 5 fish, moved to Mull in 2007. We first came on holiday and instantly felt some sort of magic for this island. We kept coming back and each time it got harder going home (which at that time was Derbyshire). I used to sit in the ferry queue in tears - "I dont want to go home" -so we bit the bullet - sold up and moved to this magical island. Since moving here, my love for wildlife has exploded - it is heaven! I've also taken up photography which I hope to share with you - having never picked up a camera before except the odd family photo, and now want to capture everything I see from landscapes to wildlife (the latter is more of a challenge). The picture at the top was just to see if I could post a picture - its sunset from my backdoor - all I seem to talk about is the sky - there just seems so much of it here and its forever changing. The sunrise and sunsets are just breathtaking. Will now try and keep this blog going!


  1. Mull has been my spiritual home for the past thirty years or so, hopefully sometime in the not too distant future I will be able to make it my permanent home.

  2. Hi my Dad has just started blogging with mullbirds.. Have you a Flickr account for your photos?

  3. When I blogged with BBC Island blogging you posted your photos with your blog so you could see them straightaway - so coming over here need to work out the best way of posting photos.