Sunday, 22 March 2009

Goodbye my friend!

My most faithful friend has gone! She has left a huge gap and it feels like I have lost my right arm. She was 13 years and had suffered a couple of strokes and we had to make the hardest decision to have her put to sleep. She was the gentlest, most faithful, lickiest, waggiest tail dog and just wanted to be wherever you where.
But we have 4 new family members Charley, Henrietta, Nuggett and Freckle - they arrived last Sunday and on Monday we had 2 eggs - they are great to watch and have continued to give us eggs - they have settled in so quickly and Pepper, the cat just nonchanently walks past them with a haughty air that only a cat can do.
On Monday, my first day as "White Tailed Eagle Information Officer" (I feel I should stand to attention and salute) - I saw 8 juveniles feeding on a carcass, one was one of the youngsters satellite tagged last year,either Mara or Breagha (see Dave Sexton's blog
Having been present on the day they hatched, to then see one grown and looking so healthy and fending for itself was quite an emotional moment!
The next day we saw 6 youngsters playing tag along the ridge of our local glen - and they call this work! I still have to pinch myself that I am being paid to do this!
Anyway, away for a week to the Borders for a training course leaving he who must be obeyed tokeep house and make sure the wee one gets to school on time, does her homework, feeds the chickens, and of course earn a crust.
I'm sure any osprey fans will be aware several have arrived back this weekend - the female is on the Loch of the Lowes nest and you can see her on the webcam
Spring has finally sprung methinks!

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