Monday, 19 January 2009

Decisions Decisions??

Can you see the fallow deer? it was dusk as I spotted them

the ever friendly robin

Barnacle Geese

If anyone saw the weather forecast for this weekend, no-one in their right mind would have set foot outside the house! Wins of 90-100mph were prediced Gale force 11/12. The planned geology trip to Iona or Carsaig had been cancelled but the Bird Club Outing was still going ahead - yippee! I should be decorating the hall - a job I started a week before Christmas but cant seem to get into again -lost the momentum somehow - the call of a bird trip was just too much. So with packup, bins and camera in hand I set off, ably assisted by my 8 yr old daughter and hubby. The meeting point was at the head of Loch Na Keal - as I pulled up in the car, a huge bird took off not far from us -a sea eagle - you can just tell from the size of it - nothing else - you just know! not one, but 4 - jackpot!! There were 2 adults and 2 juveniles - its easy to tell the difference as the adults have the white tails - the young uns get their white tails at about 5 yrs - it was quite a sight I can tell you. The weather was starting to get wild so we pushed on round Loch Na Keal - Great Northern Divers, Slavonian Grebes, RB Mergansers, shags, Goldeneye, Golden eagle, kestrel, common and herring gull, great black backed gulls to name a few - as we approached Gribun, we were stopped in our tracks by a huge flock of barnacle geese - fantastic sight! Through the Glen we saw hen harrier hunting, red deer - and as we neared our final destination - an obliging otter, lapwing and stonechat - the weather was closing in now - and the call of a warm fire and a cuppa was calling - just before we called it a day we were on the lookout for common scoter which has been seen - but not today - I guess they were sheltering somewhere - a seal came to say hello, a flock of goldeneye and some domestic ducks. A fantastic day - didnt matter about the weather - great company, great scenery and wonderful wildlife - sure beats decorating. Think I made the right choice!

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  1. I know that Robin at Killiechronan camp site, it must be the best fed Robin on the island. Alan