Friday, 9 January 2009


Its finally Friday! Having just completed the theory of a Geology of Mull course - which was very interesting, we have two field trips to carry out - one to Iona and one to Carsaig. Unfortunately the weather forecast for tomorrow is not good coupled with the fact that the ferries to Iona are disrupted, the trip has been cancelled. But all is not lost - tomorrow is also the Isle of Mull Bird Club Bird Count! So will be setting off tomorrow to see how many birds we can spot. Weather is good for the morning but rain moving in for the afternoon. From the wite tailed sea eagle down to the little chaffinch, our eyes will be peeled. I should be decorating the hall but there always seems to be something more appealing to do!


  1. Let me see... Decorating or the chance to see some wonderful birds? You made the right choice! From your comment on the mullbirds blog, it sounds as if you had a great day.

  2. I definately made the right choice - a great day!