Monday, 9 February 2009

Hearts, Otters and good company!

What a weekend! One of those weekends that you just dont want it to end. It started with the alarm clock going off at 6am on Saturday morning - it was pitch black and the rain was lashing against the bedroom window. I was going to Iona for a geology field trip and had to catch the 9am ferry. I dashed to the computer and double checked the weather - yes - it was going to fine and clear and cold - so why could I hear rain lashing? Decided to ignore the rain, although half expecting the phone to ring to cancel the trip - but the call never came. Met the rest of the gang - all 3 of us and that includes the tutor! - and we set off as light was breaking the eastern sky. Glen More was stunning - snow had fallen and the mountains were glistening as the sun slowly rose in a pink and clear sky - phew - the weather forecast was right! We arrived on Iona and went to St Columba's Bay, the marble quarry and a couple of other small bays. The sky was blue and the sea matched it - the sand is white and just stunning. We saw Lewissian gneiss which is seriously old rocks - older than the dinosaurs by miles! In one of the Ross of Mull granite boulders is a heart shaped xenolith which is just amazing.

After the Geology trip, hubby, daughter and I stayed with some friends near the Ross which was a great experience for us - great company, telling tales into the wee small hours and then waking up to Ben More and an otter in the Loch (plus Great Northern Diver, Goosander and Red Breasted merganser to name a few).

On the trip home, we were treated to a flying display by 3 golden eagles - just jaw dropping stuff and another otter, eating his lunch. We arrived home weary but my daughter's words "when can we do that again?" - think it was a big hit!

Next Saturday - another early start - we are off to see the red kites at Algaty - cant wait for the alarm clock to go off!

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