Thursday, 5 February 2009

Just Popping to the shop!

The kids enthusiasm at school hasnt waned! At lunchtime we spotted a grey wagtail, who has become quite a regular visitor to the school swamp! Another great sighting was two wrens - we had a little chat about how fragile wrens are during winter so they were really pleased to have two in their garden. We had the usual chaffinches, a greenfinch, blackbirds, great tits and blue tits and a bird that has done really well lately is the coal tit. We dont have squirrels on Mull and explained to the kids how, like squirrels, coal tits will hide their food and save it for later - just like a squirrel! (I try doing a similar thing with chocolate but it only stays hidden for a matter of minutes). The homemade fatballs we had made earlier in the week had been trashed by the deer so a new supply was hung out in a different spot to try and beat the stag's antlers. I wish I could bottle this new found enthusiasm - it would be priceless.

About 200 yards from home, spotted a buzzard on the side of the road, sitting on something furry! Dived in the front door, shouted to him who must be obeyed "quick - grab the camera - bertie's caught something on the side of the road" - we thought we would drive the 200yards back as if we walked we might spook him - we drove slowly past with me driving and hubby trying to take a photo - unfortunately I slowed down a bit too much and he flew onto the telegraph wire (swear words!) - we pulled into a layby a bit further down and sat and waited - and waited - and waited - even without bins I could see his crop was bulging - he was in no rush to return to his feast.

So returned home mumbling about the "one that got away" - as the cupboard was beginning to look a little bare decided to pop to Tobermory - our local shopping outlet - with the choice of the Co-op or the Spar!

The drive up is quite stunning - along The Sound of Mull, getting higher and higher - the views are stunning and still after all this time - it takes my breath away - a photo cannot do it justice - you have to experience it - a far cry from my shopping trips to Asda on the Isle of Dogs or Sainsburys at Stratford.
Saturday may be a trip to Iona for a geology field trip - it contains Lewissian gneiss which are some of the oldest in the world! Also known for corncrake in the summer - I've managed to hear them but never seen one - bit early and cold for them at the moment! Also home to Rock Doves (I got told off for calling them pigeons - what do you expect from a Londoner!!)

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