Sunday, 29 March 2009

It's been a hard day's Night!

Well - what a week! Left Mull last week to travel to the Borders for my RSPB Induction Course. A great bunch - about 20 of us and we instantly gelled - sometimes on courses you get a personality who upsets the apple cart, but this bunch were great - there was actually one point where I laughed so hard I thought my ribs would crack - havent laughed that much for ages. Whilst there, we were treated to a pair of buzzards, a tawny owl outside my bedroom window and a dipper. It was lovely to see magpies and squirrels - neither of which we have on Mull - forgot how stunning a magpie is!

Picked up the Eagle Van in Glasgow - had a quick tour round the Kelvingrove - what a beautiful building! before heading back to Oban to see the Red Hot Chilli Pipers! What a disappointment! We were told they would be on stage about 8 - as we had to leave about 10.00 to get the last boat back, we were told we would only miss the last 15 mins or so. They eventually came on stage at 9.40 - so we saw precisely 20 minutes - boy I was grumpy! Finally made it back to Mull about midnight - what a great feeling getting into your own bed - it was bliss!

Did my stint for Eagle Watch and had a great view of our female - against the blue sky, she looked stunning as always - I'm sure she came over just to say, welcome home! Tonight as we went to shut the chickens in, a barn owl was hunting out the back - then the phone rang from one of our neighbours to say a short eared owl had been out our way for the last 4 nights. Finally, remember to check in our nestbox which has a camera to discover a resident - a blue tit!

Its great to be back home!

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  1. Fantastic country, fantastic scenery.
    We have visited Scotland many times and will return.