Monday, 9 March 2009

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Today, the weather has been a mixture of sunshine (warm!), blue skies, hail, thunder and lightening. I arrived home from work this afternoon, pottered about in the garden filling the bird feeders, and got the feeling I was being watched. A quick glance round and I found these sitting over the fence in our "Swamp" sunbathing. They looked so chilled - they are regular visitors and I often find myself talking to them (cue: men in white coats).

We stayed down at the other end of the Island at the weekend - I went prepared with bins, scope excited at the prospect of a couple of hours communing with nature. But someone on a higher plane had a much different idea - lashings of rain in a horizontal type fashion and freezing cold - I managed to chalk up 1 lapwing and a buzzard stood at the size of the road looking miserable. So returned home, to check out the paint charts for the next room to receive my painting skills.

Well, I am working my last week at the small village school - ready to leave this Friday the 13th (should I stay at home?).

On Monday, I start something new - I hesitate to call it work because for me work is the last thing it is. I will sport the title "White tailed eagle Information Officer" working for the RSPB. Anyone who remotely knows me, will know my passion for these birds - they truly take my breath away and to be given the opportunity to work with them is a dream come true (sorry - you may use a bucket if you wish!).

I will be working up at Loch Frisa where the famous "Skye" and "Frisa" who featured in Springwatch and Autumnwatch have their home. I shall be sharing my passion with visitors to the hide - so if you are on Mull, come and say hello - I cant wait!

And on Sunday, we are off to collect the new additions to the family - 4 hens -think of a million recipes involving eggs - fried, scrambled, boiled, poached, cakes, omelettes ..........mmmmm.

The ankle is making a slow recovery - I have ditched the crutches as they were more of a hindrance than a help - crutches, ice and snow do not go well together.

Spring is just around the corner now - daffs are out and Roy Dennis reports that one of his ospreys, Beatrice, has started her migration north (another one of my fave birds). I love this time of year with the anticipation of what is to come.


  1. Hi we think you must have bathed in the cow pat that Dave put his foot in because you are really lucky if you get covered in cow dung but didn't work for me working with them for 45 yrs.A great job you have, and responsible as well for bringing visitors back.Because Joyce helped us on a day trip to Mull we come back to see wildlife and scenery.Best wishes

  2. thank you - we started as visitors to the Island and ended up living here! Not that I am biased but it is a wonderful place, not only for scenery and wildlife but the people are great too! Hope to meet you soon!

  3. Have just found your blog, it's lovely. Came to Mull for the first time last year and loved it, I can see why you stayed!

  4. Hi Goosey - thank you for your kind words - glad you enjoyed Mull!

  5. Hi Wild Freckle couldn't blog on new one. Sad to lose any loyal animal whatever it is.Look forward to meeting you but the hide will probably be closed before we come in early September but hopefully we will see you somewhere.We wonder if Sue is Sue Hall or yourself or someone else entirely

  6. The organised trips to the hide will end in July but the hide will stay open until early September where people can just drop in. The Sue is Sue Dewar from Wings Over Mull who is the Community Ranger and I am Debby working for the RSPB - hope to see you on Mull