Friday, 23 April 2010

Sad News from Frisa

The weather has been so mixed recently ranging from warm sunny days to snow all within 24 hours. Sadly, this is possibly the reason our white tailed eagles at Loch Frisa, Skye and Frisa may have failed in their nesting attempt this year. They incubate for 38 days, carefully watched by our Mull Eagle Watch volunteers. At the weekend, a feed was seen at the nest but after than nothing. We fear the young chick died, probably from the extreme weather - the nest was in full blast of the cold northerly wind, snow and hail. At the moment, they are stil incubating a second egg - as time goes on, hope is fading. This pair usually hatch their chicks within one day of each other - it is now almost a week. We are hanging on by our finger tips - today has been non stop rain - what chance do they have?  This photo of Frisa our female was taken a couple of days before they settled down for the incubation process - it was as if she was enjoying her last days of freedom and making the most of the lovely weather we were enjoying at the time.   Today was the Daffodil Tea Party at school which was a welcome distraction.  Hannah performing her gymnastics display, lots of tea and cakes all raising money for MacMillan Nurses - a worthy cause.  This weekend will be spent at Loch Frisa with eyes glued to the nest hoping for any signs.  Will keep you posted.  Positive thoughts only please.


  1. Hiya - nothing I'm afraid - been up there most of today and nothing to report. Looking bleak