Sunday, 22 February 2009

Love lift us up where we belong!

Sorry about the title! Was all I could come up with - well for what seems a long time, finally a simple weekend at home. Handed my notice in at work on Friday with a new challenge starting mid March - will tell you more in due course - Saturday finished painting the doors in the hall (I hate the smell of gloss paint) - took wee one swimming - while she had her lesson, just wandered down to the local beach - a flock of about 50 Canada Geese with greylags keeping them company - whilst down on the beach several oyster catchers just chilling, ring plovers, a green shank, a pair of mute swans, shag, great black backed gull and a flock of starlings lined up on the telegraph pole like something out of a Disney movie.
Sunday was back to the swimming pool for wee one's belated birthday party - her birthday is 1st January but the pool has been closed for refurbishment (it only opened on 1st April last year - seems a bit soon for refurbishment??) - has only just re-opened - a fine time had by one and all.
Late afternoon decided to have a drive to a couple of local spots - saw a lovely group of fieldfare - then in the field opposite - large bird sitting on the ground with something lightly coloured lying in front of him - crept up to see a dead greylag with Bertie Buzzard - never thought a buzzard would take a greylag - that must have been a battle - glad I didnt witness it. Then drove to a secret glen - the light was getting poor but on the horizon, first spotted 2 sea eagles, then another 2 - seemed to be all in one group, then 2 paired off and seemed to be playing tig - just stood watching them as my eyes watered as I strained to see them in the poor light and as they grew smaller and smaller! I'm guessing there were 2 adults and 2 youngsters - such a grand sight watching them soaring ever higher.

The final picture has now been hung in the hall - I can officially say, the hall is finished. The next project is the lounge - now that is going to be fun!


  1. Well done on the hall!

    I envy you for being able to enjoy White-tailed Sea Eagles. I've only ever seen them as distant blobs in some East Anglian field.

    I'll have to come up north!

  2. Hi Urban Birder - the sea eagles still take my breath away (Berlin) - we would love to see you on Mull - you could stop at Loch Garten and see the ospreys when they have returned from Africa and then on to Mull - and you dont need to learn a new language!

  3. Hi Wild Freckle hope your ankle soon be better and back to your serious activities birding etc.Get the hens laying well before September as when on Mull befor we havn'nt seen many free range eggs for sale.With a bit of luck we may even get to meet you.We really enjoy all your blogs.

  4. Well if you do visit Mull and manage to get to the hide at Loch Frisa, then you should see me! Hope to get the hens next week sometime - cant wait for those free range egss - have you seen Dave Sexton's blog about hs first egg?