Friday, 26 February 2010

More Waxing Lyrical

Well the weather was a tad brighter and drier today and the waxwing is still in Dave's garden - I sneaked into the garden and there he was happily feeding on apples, plums and kiwi fruit - what a great diet.  He certainly wasnt bothered by my presence but kept a watchful eye out on the other birds - the chaffinches seemed to be giving him a hard time - whenever he flew up into a tree they would all join in and appear to "force him out".

There is also a short video of one minute taken on  my little Lumix camera - its on Youtube and Flickr

Still having strange weather here - no snow here in Salen - I was due to do a trip to the eagle hide this morning but had been advised by the Forestry Commission (one of the partners and whose land the hide sits on) that the track was treacherous and therefore we should cancel the trip.  I managed to contact everyone except one so had to drive to the meeting point to tell them the trip was cancelled.  As I drove up, I kept thinking "but the road is clear - where is the snow?" - I turned off the main road down the track, about 100 yards, turned a bend and there it was - deep, not so crisp but very soft - and very hard to drive - I crawled down to the meeting point where my phone beeped to indicate a message - from the guys I couldnt contact to say they were unable to make it either!  I managed to turn the van round and head back home - I thought I could sneak to the hide and check out our eagles but it really was awful and just not worth the risk - will have to hold off for a couple of days more.  Tomorrow there is a large meeting on Renewables on Mull as to where we go for the future - should be interesting - but the best bit is the Screen Machine showing Avatar tomorrow night - really looking forward to it!

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