Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Return of the Siskins

Great day at the eagle hide today - had a group of 17 - both the adults, Skye and Frisa were sat in a tree opposite to everyone had fantastic views of them.  After some time, Skye took off and flew across the Loch to join another 3 sea eagles on the far side - it was possible he went over to "see them off" as a threat to his territory or indeed his missus!  We had a covering of snow overnight so it made the whole scene at Loch Frisa very picturesque.  Noticeable today were the numbers of siskins that arrived on the feeders - they really stood out against the snow - lots of crossbills around too.  Another trip planned for tomorrow.


  1. SEVENTEEN eagles! SEVENTEEN! I would be chuffed at just ONE! Planning to break my Mull 'virginity' this May. Can't wait

  2. Oops - sorry maybe that wasnt clear - I had a group of 17 people who had come to see the Eagles! We had 4 flying at one point - the most I have seen in a group together is 10!
    Dont forget to come and see us at the Eagle Hide, Loch Frisa