Monday, 22 February 2010

Still blue sky and sunshine!

We are really being spoilt here at the moment - yes its cold with snow and ice but daytime is clear blue sky and sunshine - so much so, that having spent most of yesterday outside at Loch Frisa I needed after sun cream - honest!  There was real warmth in the sun, even though the Loch was covered in snow - a first for me!  Both our adult sea eagles sat in one of their favourite trees for most of the day - they really should be getting their talons out and building a nest - these two seem to like a change of scenery each year whereas some pairs on the Island will use the same nest.  This seems to be the pattern that followed last year when they decided to build their nest quite late on - this resulted in not the best nest and may have been the cause for the loss of our male chick as he prepared to fledge and part of the nest collapsed.  It was a lovely group of visitors who came to the Hide, just enjoying the stunning surroundings and the weather.  My only worry is what will our spring and summer be like - we are being spoilt at the moment.

This afternoon, spur of the moment, having delivered a parcel to a neighbour I decided to walk down to Salen Bay and to Aros Bridge.  I had no binoculars or camera with me - typical.  It was just nice to stretch the legs and feel the warmth of the sunshine whilst walking along the verge in the snow!  There were plenty of seals in the bay basking in the sun looking like giant grey bananas, 4 gey heron, oystercatchers, curlew, wigeon, teal, great black backed gulls, herring gulls, ringed plovers - plus some I couldnt identify without my bins!    This is a picture of that little walk taken recently to give you an idea of the view.

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