Thursday, 25 February 2010

Waxing Lyrical

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Look what turned up in the garden of our RSPB Officer? A beautiful waxwing. He arrived yesterday and was still there at lunchtime. I was so excited as this is a first for me - stunning little bird - strange that all the chaffinches sat in a nearby tree just watching him - sadly all alone but enjoying the fruit that had been put out for him.

There haven't been many sightings of waxwings so far which either means they have plenty of food where they are or its just too cold down here for them.

After my boasting of suncream and sunshine, it all went downhill yesterday - hubby had to turn back from Carsaig as unable to get through due to the snow on the road although here in the middle of the Island its just wet with lots of sleet.

On Tuesday I did the scenic trip round the Island and saw heaps of stuff including both types of eagles, great northern diver, black throated diver, goosander, red breasted merganser, hen harrier, redshank, ring plovers to name but a few. Will post some scenic shots.

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